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Carports transform parking lots into clean energy generating facilities, creating value for all parties involved. Carports have multiple benefits to property owners: they are a physical demonstration of environmental commitment, create premium parking spaces protected from the elements and provide a steady stream of income. Host communities benefit from the valuable educational opportunities that accompany solar parking canopies, more comfortable parking spaces and the environmental benefits associated with the expansion of clean energy. Parking lot arrays provide an economic opportunity for the owners while expanding clean energy development.

Brightfields has developed solar carports as part of a municipal transfer station development that combines solar parking canopies with a landfill array. Recognizing the immense potential of solar carports in the congested Northeast, Brightfields has worked to expand our capabilities in this emerging marking. By leveraging our expertise working with a variety of stakeholders to craft innovative solar solutions for environmentally challenging projects, Brightfields is well positioned to work within the emerging carport market. Brightfields is currently working with municipalities and some of the Northeast's largest private property owners to transform parking lots into clean energy producers. 

Contact us if you would like to learn more about how Brightfields can transform your parking lot in a source of clean energy. 


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