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Brightfields is a group of professionals with expertise from past careers in finance, law, real estate development, energy generation development and environmental consulting. We came together in 2009 to utilize our diverse backgrounds to create a business with a positive social impact. 

Our vision: Responsibly develop innovative solar energy projects to help meet America's growing demand for clean energy. 

Brightfields was created to craft solutions to complex environmental problems that satisfy all stakeholders, especially environmental regulators and those responsible for contamination. Prior to founding Brightfields Development, Brightfields' Managing Principals formed Renova Partners, a land restoration and redevelopment company in 2001. Through Renova, we acquired, remediated and redeveloped contaminated industrial properties nationwide for commercial and residential reuse. Through early 2008, we worked extensively in environmental liability management. Thanks to the strong real estate market and financial backing of one of the nation's largest institutional investors, Renova thrived. The collapse of the real estate market however lessened any possibility of investment partnerships for new land development projects. 

As demand for renewable energy continued to grow, solar farms emerged as a viable land reuse option. There were concerns that energy investors would be reluctant to expose themselves to the environmental liability issues Renova dealt with regularly. Our solution was to conduct our redevelopment effort through the two companies; Renova would be responsible for the environmental issues, while Brightfields, staffed with energy industry veterans, would be exclusively a landfill solar energy developer. 

The positive response to our solar business model was immediate. In the wake of the economic downturn, corporations with contaminated properties were often at odds with environmental regulators and had no other redevelopment alternatives. Municipalities in states with solar incentives, often struggling with budget shortfalls, found that renewable energy development on closed, inactive landfills could reduce their maintenance costs, generate tax revenue, create new jobs and supply affordable power. Corporations became excited about the possibility of turning their unwanted land into physical demonstrations of their commitment to a clean and healthy environment. Since 2009, Brightfields has capitalized on these trends to become one of the nation's leading developers of solar on contaminated properties. 

Brightfields' years of developing solar on contaminated properties has given us the expertise to expand our capabilities beyond brownfield redevelopment. In addition to crafting solutions for environmentally impaired properties, Brightfields develops community solar projects, solar carports and greenfields projects. 


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Brightfields is a limited liability company with headquarters at 40 Walnut Street (Suite 301) in Wellesley, MA, 02481.

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